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BW-1055 Waterborne Acrylic Resin

1. Compositions

  It is made up of waterborne epoxy modified thermosetting acrylic resin, propylene glycol mono-methyl ether, ethylene glycol mono-butyl ether. 


2. The characteristic

Ø         Has good compatibility with methyl etherification amino resins and ethyl etherification amino resins.

Ø         Improve the fleshiness and adhesive of the coating since it is modified by epoxy resin.

Ø         Application performance is good and does not sag easily.


3. Application fields

  Can be used as water-based paint underside one of chassis, frame and parts of automobile and truck.

  Can be used as the dipping coatings of refrigerator and air conditioner compressor


4.          Application method

  This resin is not neutralized when leaves factory and the resin must be neutralized use N,N-Di-methyl ethanolamine (DMEA) first. As to the dosage of DMEA, can see item sixth of this specification.

  The application methods include dipping, spraying and flowing.


5. The main technical parameters


Technical criteria

Solid content, %




Hydroxyl value, mg KOH/g


Acid value, mg KOH/g


Fineness, μm












6.  Neutralization agent and curing agent compatibility

Resin: neutralizer (DMEA) = 100:3-5

BW - 1055 resin: amino resin (LY - 211) = 3 ~ 4: 1 (solid)

Note: LY - 211 is a amino resin produced by Yiyang Sunrise Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


7. Curing conditions


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