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WF-S7035P Saturated Polyester Resin

1. Compositions

It is made up of saturated polyester resin, xylene etc.


2. The characteristic

Ø          Good weatherproof,

Ø          Good flexibility,

Ø          Good plenty.


3. Application field

1) It forms amino baking coating with amino resin to be used in one-component automobile solid color finish coat.

2) It mixes with poly-isocyanate to be used in two-component automobile solid color finish coat.

3) It can mix with acrylic resins to improve the plenty of coating because of the good compatibility with acrylic resins.


4. Main technical parameters


Technical index

Solid content (150℃×2hr), %


OH content (solid), %


Viscosity(25bubble pipe), s


Acid value (solid), mg KOH/g


Colorimetric (Fe-Co)



5. The weight ratio of resin to curing agent

WF-S7035P: butyl etherized melamine resin = 2~3:1solid

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