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WF-F377 Leveling Agent

Ingredients  Fluorocarbon Modified Acrylate Polymer

Data: Effective ingredients: 73%~77%

Solvent: Xylene

Appearance: Transparent liquid


Ø         Responding to properties to prevent shrinkage

Ø         Responding to promoting both leveling

Ø         Responding to increasing to wet substrate

Ø         Not influence the adhesion between layers

Applications: used for solvent borne coating as recommended such as:

Ø         Steel Coil coatings

Ø         Alkyd, acrylic and polyester baking coatings

Ø         Polyurethane coatings

Add mode and dosage: add it in the final process of coating production and the dosage is 0.2%~1.0% of the total formula amount.

Storage: Store in dry place, away from the heat and the warranty period is two year when WF-F377 leveling agent is not opened.

Packing: 25kg and 190kg

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