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WF-B011 Matched with PVDF Acrylic Resin

1. Compositions

It is made up of weathering thermosetting acrylic resin, xylene, butyl acetate, cyclohexanone, etc.


2. The characteristics

 Good compatibility with PVDF,

 Good pigment wetting,

 Substitute import B-044, improve the performance of MEK wipe and chemical resistance,

 High durability


3. Application fields

 can be used for matching with PVDF to formulate coil coatings and spray aluminum panel coatings.


4. Main technical indexes


Technical index

Solid content, %


Hydroxyl value (solid), mg KOH/g


Acid value (solid), mg KOH/g


Color (Fe-Co Colorimetric)


5.        Curing agent compatibility

WF-B011: Cymel 303 = 4:1 (solid)

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