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WF-B013 Matched with FEVE Acrylic Resin

1. Compositions

It is made up of hydroxyl acrylic resin, butyl acetate, xylene etc.


2. The characteristics

Ø   Very good durability (has no styrene),

Ø   Good pigment wetting


3. Application fields

Ø    Formulates two component special intermediate coatings that matches with WF-Q211 and WF-Q212 fluorocarbon outdoor wall of architectures,

Ø    Formulates two component acrylic polyurethane coatings of outdoor wall of architectures,

Ø    Automobile top coatings include thermosetting OEM and two component repair coatings

Ø    Polyurethane intermediate coatings and top coatings match with anti-corrosive coatings


4.          Application methods

Dipping, spraying and brushing or rolling


5. Main technical indexes


Technical index

Solid content%


Viscosity, 25


Hydroxyl value (solid), mg KOH/g


Acid value (solid), mg KOH/g


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